Android operating system

Android is a smart phone operating system which is based on linux operating system. and developed by Google. This operating system is mainly designed for touch screen smart phone and tablet. It’s a latest powerful OS that’s support large number of modern application that’s are advance and comfortable for users.

First, android was developed by Andy Rubin in 2003 . Google has purchased it in 2005 and has started their journey in 2008 by releasing first version.

Android Advantages

Open source OS : The greatest advantages of the Android OS is that this is the open source operating system. That’s why any device manufacturers or developers can access the source code .They can customized as required to better experience of OS with hardware capability .This opportunity has create a big android OS developing market in world technology industry. Many developers have involved with apk apps developing and built their career. Moreover, manufacturer can customize the UI with a style of its own. For example, MI has pre installed MIUI, Motorola has Motoblur and Sony Ericsson has Timescape and to enhance its user experience.Google take suggestions and feedback from manufacturers and developers for better experience of android operating system.

Inbuilt Apps Store : Android has inbuilt user friendly apps store known as Google play store. Install your favorite apps from a lot of choice from play store. Apps developer can store their apps with maintaining play store terms and condition .For this Android user find a lot of apps on play store. User can search their desire apps or select by categorized to install apps. User can manage installed apps from play store like uninstall or update any apps instantly.

Phone diverse : IOS operating system of Apple is only limited for iPhone users. AOS is widely used operating system. This OS is used many branded phone manufacturer company of the world. For customize-ability and cheap manufacturing phone manufacturer choose android. Maximum branded company like Samsun, Sony, Toshiba, Motorola, Huawei and many more used android OS. That’s why you can see AOS based phone variety of models and manufacturers in the market. You can easily choose your favorite mobile based on your brand, this gives you a lot of freedom

Customize-able Rom : If you are not satisfied your OS or bored of using stock Android and desire to some new and exciting features, then you can easily install custom ROM. To feel your experience with advance third party application you have to used custom ROM. This is a great features, you can get advance feature on your old device by installing custom ROM. No other OS give you such facility, only AOS allow this to meet user better experience.

Supporting Third party app : You can install apps from inbuilt play store as your choice easily. Android give you this facilities to install your favorite apps from any third party apps store. Third party apps some times may be harmful for your devices so that this option is primarily off, while install third party apps apps its have to need authorization by being on this feature.

Widget : Android has easy and lots of widgets facility. Widgets are extremely useful when it comes to functionality. It’s help to provide better user experience decorated screen and easy navigational functions. Android widgets are more flexible to use and savings user time by perfectly placing widgets.

storage expand-ability : Whenever you want to increase the storage capacity of any Apple device such as iPhone or iPad, you need to go for a costly upgrade and it has a lot of hassle. But in the case of Android devices, you simply insert a micro SD memory card into your device card slot and expand the memory as per your requirement. This is really a very useful feature that you will get on most of the AOS devices in the market.

advance feature : Easy internet sharing by inbuilt hotspot , file sharing, backup and restore, multitasking, 15 GB cloud storage on google run apk application on PC by android emulator.

Android Disadvantages

Available apps in online, some times apps quality does not meet the user satisfaction and also a risk in installing third party apps. Slow on low configuration phones, running background apps is making phone slower and consuming more internet data.

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