Facebook hidden feature

Facebook hidden feature

Have been using Facebook for a long time! But it has some features that you may not have an idea about. Let’s not know about the six hidden features of Facebook.

1. Content can be hidden on Facebook without unfriending. A friend you don’t want to exclude from your friends list, but you don’t want them to see your post. In that case there is an option called ‘Restricted Friends’. You can list those friends as ‘Restricted Friends’ and keep your activity secret from them.

2. On Facebook you can add all other social links in your About section. In that case go to About section and click on Edit option in Contact and Basic Info. Then save your other social media link.

3. What will happen to your Facebook profile after your death, who will use it? ‌ You can fix it while you are still alive. You can fix your legacy contact. If you don’t have one, you can post memory on your profile, change profile picture. But fear not, they will not be able to run your profile in their own name, edit the friend list, and read the message. To save legacy contacts you need to go to Settings> General> Memorialization.

4. Now many people login to many third party apps through their Facebook profile. This makes things easier, but the security of your profile may be in question. For that reason, you can edit it if you want. Go to Apps & Website Options in Settings. There you will see which third party apps are logged in from your profile. You can edit it if you want.

5. Now relies on Facebook video. Videos are auto-played everywhere on Facebook. You can turn off that auto play option if you want. Go to the setting option of Facebook and at the end you will see that there is a video option. Auto play can be turned off by going to it.

6. You can play with more than one friend. Facebook has sophisticated gaming opportunities. You can get all these games by going to C More option. It is on the left side of the profile page. After going to the gaming option in its drop down and loading it, you will see that you have multiplayer option on Facebook.