High quality electric stove

High quality electric stove

There is no pair of electronic stove for safe and affordable cooking. In this case we usually see two types of stoves. Namely: 1. Induction cooker 2. Infrared cooker

High quality electric stove

Induction cooker or infrared cooker? Find out which one is for you – Induction or infrared cooker?

High quality electronic stove
Let’s first know the basic information of induction and infrared cooker.

Induction cooker

The mechanism of induction cooker is a little different. This cooker generates heat directly and does not hit the pot, the pot pulls heat from inside the cooker through a magnetic beam. Not all pots can be used in induction cookers as the pots are heated by magnetic radiation. Only pots that are attracted by magnets can be used in induction cookers. Such as steel pots, iron pots & pots made for induction of different brands can be used.

Infrared cooker

The mechanism of the infrared cooker is the same as any other stove or cooker in general. In this case heat is generated in the heating coil of the infrared cooker and the pot placed on top of the coil is heated by that heat. In this case no special pot is needed. The same pots with which we cook in a normal oven or gas stove can be used for cooking in an infrared cooker.


As mentioned earlier, induction cookers can only be used for vessels that are attracted by magnets. On the other hand, any pot can be used in an infrared cooker.

How long does it take to cook

Infrared cookers take longer to cook. It will take about thirty minutes to cook the same cooking in an infrared cooker in twenty minutes that will be cooked in an induction cooker.

No cooker is more dangerous

Infrared cookers are more dangerous. In this case, the heat from the cooker spreads around during cooking, making it difficult to stand during cooking and there is a possibility of eating chaka. And if the baby is raw at home, the infrared cooker is quite dangerous, care must be taken to keep the cooker out of the reach of the baby. And when cooked in high temperature in an infrared cooker, the glass on top of it breaks. This way the induction cooker is quite safe. The heat will not spread anywhere except in the pot, the chances of the glass of the cooker cracking are much less.

Which to buy?

Everything is described above, consider the advantages and disadvantages and buy as needed. It is better to buy infrared for those who want to use any pot + burn some trinkets. It is better to buy induction for the rest.

An affordable magic stove as an alternative to a gas stove
Inequality of supply and demand creates various problems. In this case, alternative measures can be chosen. The gas crisis is being heard a lot lately. Electric stoves can be one of the alternatives to gas stoves. But the use of this type of stove is also somewhat urban.

In this case, the magic stove may be the best option in the countryside. A magic stove is a stove made of cement that is used as a kind of cheap fuel. These stoves are as fuel and money saving as they are environmentally friendly. Anyone can make this stove at a very low cost.

This stove does not smoke like any other stove. So it does not create any discomfort during cooking. Made with only 45 rupees of husk, a kind of wood is needed as its fuel.

The technique of making magic stove is very simple and can be learned from each other. So anyone can make a magic stove without any special training. The biggest advantage is that its materials are easily available locally. Although it is a wood stove, it is very easy to control the fire in this stove. The amount of firewood can be increased by reducing and increasing the amount of firewood. For all these benefits, the magic stove can be a blessing for low-income people.

Everything you need to make a magic stove-

-Two and a half kg thin iron rod
-Iron net quantity
-Plastic pipe three feet or two and a half feet high
-Chikan is a banana tree that will be used as a tube
-Loss of some bricks
-Two kg cement

Method of making
To make the stove, first make a cage, mix bricks, sand and cement together and pour it inside. After drying or freezing, the piece of banana tree is taken out and the magic stove will be made. It can be placed anywhere and used for cooking. It costs around Rs 500-600 to make a large size magic stove.

Magic ovens are easy to make and have many advantages. Although it is more affordable in tea shops as it is affordable, anyone who uses this stove can easily meet his fuel needs in a small way.