Latest Android Version

The new version of the popular operating system Android is coming. Google has already released the developer version of the operating system. Although the version is not yet accessible to the general users. It will be a couple of months late.

Latest Android Version

However, this new version of Android is adding a bunch of new features. These include chat bubbles, one-time permissions to run apps. The default feature of the app on Android will have the same benefits.

Chat Bubble
Bubble API coming to Android for the first time. This means Bubble is a new feature to make messaging easier on Android. This allows users to see the bubble on the smartphone screen when a new message arrives. Tapping on this bubble without opening the messaging app will allow you to read the message as well as respond quickly.

Innovation in Permission Control
App is used for location, camera, and all such work on Android device. Once the permissions are in the current version, there is no need to renew. However, ‘one-time permissions’ is coming to Android for the first time to establish more control for app users. Under this feature, an app can be allowed to use only one location or camera. Suppose you are sending or using the Uber app. This app allows you to use the location only once when searching for bikes or cars. Permission will be revoked when the app is finished. Then if you want to use the location again for some reason then the app needs permission again. If an app is not allowed twice, the app will not be able to request permission for a third time.

Notification shade conversion
The bubble feature is awesome. But what about the apps that support the bubble? Android 7 is bringing solutions to this matter. For this, the notification will have a dedicated conversion section. This means that you can swipe down without having to open the app to see the running messages.

Send picture from notification
In the current Android notification, instant messaging can be sent to WhatsApp or similar app, but pictures cannot be sent. This version of Android 7 version includes the ability to send pictures from the notification shade. Copy the picture from a browser like Chrome and send it to the clipboard without opening the app.

Understand the time Dark mode
New mode is also in the Dark mode. The new Android option is also added to the Dark mode for a certain period of time. If you want, you can choose the dark mode from sunrise until sunrise or for your preferred time.

Digital copy of driving license
Digital versions of important documents such as driving licenses can be stored on the new Android. It is very similar to the dock vault feature of the color OS 5 operating system. However, it is not clear whether certificates, banking cards, etc. can be stored here.

Keep the vibration off using the camera
If a call is made to the phone while the camera is in vibration mode, it can be difficult to get a perfect picture. This also applies to alarms. However, newer APIs are being added to the Android 7 version, so that vibration mode will remain inactive when the camera app is launched.

New Motion Sense Gestures
The new Android has a feature that allows you to turn on the phone’s music or suspend the music truck by breaking the button on the top of the phone screen. At present, the Google Pixel Four phone sticker can be swapped just a little above the touch screen.

Bluetooth will also run in flight mode
Turning on Flight mode on a smartphone will usually disable the cellular network, WiFi and Bluetooth of the handset. In this case, wireless headphones cannot be added to the handset at this time. However, Bluetooth will not be enabled if flight mode is enabled in Android 7 version. This means that you can listen to music by connecting wireless headset to smartphone.

Sharing will be easy
Finding the desired app on Android 7 makes it difficult to share some. The app is not easy to find. In this case, the new Android share menu will be used to pin the most used four apps.


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