Latest Smartphone Features

Today, smartphones have come up with the modern technology due to the functionality of laptops and general computers. And how to deliver these technologies to the common people by keeping the prices of the smartphone relatively low is one of the main goals of every smartphone maker.

Smartphone Features

However, before buying a smartphone there are a few things to keep in mind as bellows.

Long battery life: Only 1 mAh battery cannot provide optimal power for advanced feature phones. Your phone may have the best or the best configuration in the world, but if the battery life of that phone is not high, then all of this is useless. So in 2021, the battery life of the phone should be monitored as long as the charge is faster.

Camera Quality: So far everyone has been judging the quality of the camera with megapixels which is not right. Image quality depends on the camera lens, sensor size, accurate and fast focus capture, slow motion video retention, HDR and so on.

Latest operating system: If you are an Android user, you should take the latest version. This will make upgrading to the new version easier too. Currently the latest Android version is Android 4.1 which is released on September 23, 2015. And if you are an iPhone user, Apple will always provide you with the latest technology on their iPhone.

Waterproofing technology: It is often raining in Bangladesh. And so to avoid rainwater, your mobile must be waterproof.

Facebook and Fingerprint: Fingerprint technology has become very popular lately. In particular, it saves people a lot of time and frustration. Fingerprint technology will unlock as soon as the phone is in hand.

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