whatsapp security

One of the most popular messenger applications for worldwide communication is Facebook-owned WhatsApp.In this app we can easily contact you by phone number. Through this we can easily get massages, video calls, exchange of pictures with people from one place to another. But we often get into trouble for some of our own mistakes.

whatsapp security

To avoid theft, hackers you should avoid these 8 mistakes in WhatsApp will only be remedied. These are:

-We occasionally change profile photos in our WhatsApp. But we do not know that this could lead to various dangers. Because everyone on our contact list can see profile photos in our WhatsApp. Even many people get a lot of information from it. In that case, you can go to your WhatsApp settings and use any of the three options in privacy (EveryNow, MyContact, Nobody).

-We need to delete some irrelevant numbers from our phone’s contact list. People whom I had known before but no longer have contact with. As a result, the risks can be greatly reduced. Because most people in the country are now connected to social media.

-Before using WhatsApp, go to the settings of this app and connect everything to my privacy. As a result, anything you give to your family or friends through this app will be visible only to them and no one else.

-It is often the case that some people on our contact list are suddenly taken to a group even if we do not want to. You can use My Contact Except in the privacy section for this. As a result, no one can take you to the group if you want.

-Since waking up every morning, WhatsApp has been sending messages along with some pictures of ‘Good Morning’. No need to put any pictures on your phone other than the required pictures.

-We occasionally do chat backups on WhatsApp. If you need a chat, save it separately. Because of unnecessary chat backups can lead to various problems.

-Do not spread any news through WhatsApp that could harm the society. This type of message can also lead to you being arrested.

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